Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Neuropathy?

Welcome to the new blog! I've been around neuropathy for many years now. Many of my friends have suffered from it. It's a sucky condition and I hope to be able to help more folks out with the information I've learned.

Over the past years I've even written a couple of sites on the internet that you might like. Some of them you might find useful.

Neuropathy is the loss of feeling or pain due to nerve damage. This nerve damage can be caused by a variety of reasons such as disease, medicine, or poison.

diabetic neuropathy is the kind that most people get in the United States. It's caused as changing blood sugar levels go outside of normal limits and damage the nerves over time.

neuropathy in feet is a very common codition. In fact, most people learn that they have neuropathy or diabetes due to symptoms associated with neuropathy in feet.

Finally there's peripheral neuropathy, which encompasses a lot more than just your feet. PN affects all of your extremities.

Why so many sites? I was hoping at the time to create a set of web magazines, little places you could stop and look up everything associated with just one topic. Neuropathy seemed like a good choice, both from my experiences and because so many folks don't understand what it means.

In this blog I hope to start telling more personal stories about neuropathy, especially neuropathy in feet and the bigger picture around peripheral neuropathy. While science and explanations are always good to read, I find that personal stories can have a greater impact and help more people.